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Homebase $96 acom - - hf tube type linear amplifier operating from 1 Ham Radio Linear Amplifiers For Sale: View Current Amplifiers For Sale at . of results for "Current Sense Amplifiers". RESULTS ; Pack of 5 MAXTAUA+ Current Sense Amplifier 1 Circuit 8-uMAX/ · $$ · $$ Silergy's Current Sense Amps simplify the Art of Analog Sensing. A range of Bi-Directional Current Sense Amplifiers for Precise Current Shunt Monitoring.

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AC/DC trip amplifier; 2 adjustable alarm limits; Galvanically isolated kVAC; Front-programmable; 3-digit LED display; 24 VDC or universal supply. The current sense amplifier shown in Figure 2 amplifies the voltage across a small value sense resistor by the ratio of the current source resistors (R2/R1). 2 | Current Sense Amplifiers Guide Texas Instruments. Integrates the full analog signal processing and provides a voltage or current output.

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Broadcom Optocoupler Current and Voltage Sensing Isolation amplifiers are used to sense (current & voltage like a transducer). Our current sense amplifiers provide a high-flexibility, high-precision solution to maximize efficiency and reliability with a zero-drift architecture. Wireless RF Transceivers (34) Amplifiers & Comparators (29) Current Sense Amplifiers (1) Audio Power Amplifiers (6) Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) (16).