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Electronic monitoring tools provide managers with the ability to continuously evaluate and measure their employee's performance. The employee's productivity. Today, employers have the technological means, and occasionally the inclination, to find out what workers are doing on their own time. The ECHR ruled that an employer could monitor and access personal emails sent by an employee during work hours from his Yahoo Messenger account. Misleading.

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This note deals with the legal issues arising out of the surveillance of employees and other workers in the workplace. It considers monitoring the use of. Employers might monitor workers, but if the monitoring involves taking data, images or drug testing they have to do this in a way that's legal and fair. Capable of monitoring almost % of employee activity, employee computer monitoring software delivers insights into exactly what your employees are up and how.

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Monitoring and surveillance tools that give supervisors a view into employee activities can provide insights, but an overreliance on metrics risks narrowing an. As a general rule, employee monitoring should be conducted openly on the basis of a clear and easily accessible employee monitoring policy or technology use. Is the Work Getting Done? Five Ways to Monitor Employee Performance · 1. Watch employees work. · 2. Ask for an account. · 3. Help employees use self-monitoring.