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The Parallel Picking System is a picking system for parallel, manual, person-to-goods order processing. The same articles are picked for multiple orders and. The picking operators are guided by the WMS through radio communication, they pick the packages directly from the pallets stored in static positions and/or. In a busy warehouse, it improves safety by allowing workers to have their hands and eyes free, keeping them focused on the task at hand. Your workforce will get.

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In a pick to light system and software, order barcodes are scanned and communicate to lights on racking, immediately indicating to warehouse staff the. Characteristics · Picking principle: Goods-to-person · Comfortable handling of a broad article range · Combination of an automated small parts warehouse (AS/RS). In this order-based or serial picking method, each order is processed individually. A worker moves through the individual storage areas with the help of a pick.

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Introducing three new Modula Picking Solutions to further speed up your material handling and boost your warehouse picking efficiency and accuracy. 2. Batch picking · Each picker is assigned to a batch which contains multiple orders. · The picker moves into the warehouse and picks all the orders in one sweep. Voice-picking systems shorten the time needed to pick an order by providing step-by-step information to warehouse workers over a headset. The headset is paired.