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Simple Real Estate Contract. Property Address: Legal Description: Seller Name(s). Buyer Name(s). For mutual consideration received, the undersigned buyer. The purchase price of the Property will be _____ DOLLARS ($_____) (the “Purchase Price”). 2. DEPOSIT: A deposit of $_____ which will form part of the. Buyer agrees to purchase from Seller the land including Property prior to entering into this Agreement, and shall accept the Property “AS IS.

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Sample Contract Employing Real Estate Broker For Lease Of Property with Real Estate Broker Fee Agreement Template – 10+ Professional Templates Ideas. the privilege and option of proceeding with consummation of this contract without purchase of the Property described herein, if this Agreement purchase. A Real Estate Purchase Agreement is a contract between a buyer who wants to purchase a home (or another piece of real property) and a seller who owns that.

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The purchase contract can include information on how the property or asset is financed. For instance, if the buyer is buying a home through a mortgage, the. If attached to the Property on the date of this Contract, the following items service in connection with the transaction, Buyer must file the form with. A purchase agreement is a form used for making an offer on a home. It contains a set of conditions and contingencies that are presented to the seller of a home.