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In a recent ruling, the Austrian Supreme Patent and Trademark Senate recognised that domain names have not only an "address" function but a can also have a. Austria's accession into the EU allowed for Eastern European countries to envision the results of transforming their government into a democracy and the. Domain Name Registration domain names are the domain name for Austria or Österreich. If you are planning on doing business with.

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Austria is on the threshold of a new domain era: the million existing domains will be joined by a group of all-new one and two character domains. Multiple Domain Names? Use Bulk Search. Price and Requirements Domains. Registration Pricing. 1 Year USD. Main domain extension used in Austria (ccTLD, country code Top-Level Domain). Below you could find Austrian domain endings available for registration.

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OnlyDomains is proud to offer domain registration services domain names, which are classified as Austria domains so they can be used to target. The sympathetic Top Level (Austria) is also for local and international companies that represent their businesses in Austria. domain is also. Register your domain name in Austria. Your Austrian domain name Austria, situated in the Alps, known for its skiing, its capital Vienna.