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Go to Mailings > Envelopes, and enter delivery and return addresses. Place the blank envelope in the printer tray, according to the diagram in the Feed box. Loading Envelopes · Load envelopes until their edges touch the paper feed entrance with the print side up. · Open the rear output tray. · Press [Device Settings]. Available in either window or non-window. C5 envelopes hold A5 sheets of paper (or A4 folded in half). A more cost-effective postage option.

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Treat your audience with a custom envelope that matches your message! You can easily customise your envelopes with full-colour, front & back printing. Envelope B5, Envelope C5, Envelope C6. Face-down. Top edge leading into the printer. Tray 2. Envelope #10, Envelope DL, Japanese Envelope Chou #3. Face-up. Trying to print a C5 envelope from Libre Office Writer I followed the Insert - Envelope route, set all the parameters and chose “C5 envelope” for.

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Our C5 envelopes are overprinted in either 1, 2 or full colour. The overprint process means we print on the on blank envelopes that are already made up. In [Original Size] on the [Basic] tab, select [Envelope] or [Postcard]. · Execute printing. · Load envelopes or postcards into the Bypass Tray with the print side. The optional Envelope Feeder enables you to print on the following envelopes: Monarch, Commercial 10, DL, C5. This option supports following sizes.