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defined benefit pensions, can afford to approach retirement without understanding the pros and cons of annuities, particularly income annuities. Understanding your variable annuity. Questions. Please contact your Financial Advisor if you have questions after reviewing this information. You should. You have access to many retirement income products to help your clients. So why consider a variable annuity? Variable annuities can offer: Another way to save.

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Understanding Annuities. – Classifying Annuities. – Roles in the Annuity Contract. – Tax Benefits of Annuities. • Annuities and Planning for Retirement. fixed annuities. traditional annuities earn a fixed rate of interest and pay a fixed income. When you buy a fixed deferred annuity contract, you get two. What are annuities? · Schwab's variable annuity fees are 35%—65% below the industry average.¹ · There is a $, minimum for all annuity contracts offered.

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Annuities can be complicated products and understanding the benefits and drawbacks are An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income. Annuities must be sold by a licensed insurance agent. The agent is your best source for explanation of any contract terms or provisions you do not understand. An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. It is designed to protect and grow your money, and then provide a stream of income during.